How to Cut Regular SIM Card into Micro SIM Size

So you researched for days and finally found that amazing smart phone you always wanted. You ordered it online and started to wait patiently for it to be delivered by the courier. A few days or hours later, it finally arrived. You opened the box like crazy only to be disappointed to see that it supports only micro SIM card. This is pretty much the story with all the new mobile phones today – they are all coming with only micro SIM slots. Your regular size SIM card won’t fit in the phone’s micro SIM slot and you will have to either have your regular SIM replaced by your mobile operator or have it cut by a professional.

But if you have a good pair of scissors, then you do not have to wait or go anywhere – you can cut your regular size SIM card into micro SIM yourself. All you need is a pair of scissors and a printer. Here is how:

  1. Download our SIM cutting template JPEG image that contains the diagram as well as some of the basic instructions. Just right-click on the following image and choose Save Image As from the menu.Regular SIM to Micro SIM
  2. Print the downloaded image using an Image Viewer program like Irfan view with 1:1 scale. You can use any type of paper sheet like A4 or Letter size and can use inkjet or laser printers.
  3. Cut out the regular SIM on the paper using a pair of scissors.
  4. Paste your regular SIM card so that it superimposes the regular SIM in the printed template. You can use any regular glue to paste it. It should be pasted from opposite of the copper contact side, so that the copper contacts are still visible.
  5. Carefully cut along the red lines on the printed paper that is now stuck to the real SIM card. You now have a micro SIM card.Regular SIM to Micro SIM
  6. If you have any sort of file (nail file works too), then you can file the corners of the micro SIM card to make them look rounder.Regular SIM to Micro SIM

Conclusion: You do not have to pay anyone just to have your regular SIM card cut into a micro size SIM. You can do it yourself using a pair of scissors and mciro SIM cutting template printed on a paper.

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