G-Data USB Keyboard Guard Protects from Malicious USB Devices

Things have changed drastically in the world of hacking and cyber-crime. Now the cyber-criminals have moved on to using the hardware and gadgets in order to break in and steal your personal information. The cases of ATM machine skimming have suddenly gone up and now hackers are not hesitating even in installing fake USB devices on your computer. The USB mobile charger that someone borrowed to you in a friendly manner could be a different device altogether that can copy all your files from your smartphone and install remote access trojan on it. The USB keyboard on a public computer could have a keystrokes capture module built inside the cable itself.

G-Data USB Keyboard Guard

In such a world that has become rapidly very insecure, you have to prepare yourself to stay protected against such fake USB devices. In order to prevent someone installing a malicious device on your computer, you can use the free G-Data USB Keyboard Guard on your Windows PC. This software can detect whenever a new USB keyboard appears to be connected to your PC and gives you option to block it or allow it.

After the installation, it asks you to reboot Windows upon which it registers all the connected USB devices as trusted. This is why you should not connect any suspicious looking USB devices until a reboot has been performed after the installation of G-Data USB Keyboard Guard.

G-Data USB Keyboard Guard

Now if you try to connect any non-keyboard device to your computer, then nothing happens because G-Data USB Keyboard Guard is only looking for the devices that show themselves to be keyboards. If you connect a previously unconnected USB keyboard, then it will popup a message asking if you want to allow it or block it. If you have not connected any new USB keyboard, then you should block it.

G-Data USB Keyboard Guard

Conclusion: G-Data USB Keyboard Guard protects you from malicious USB devices that masquerade as USB keyboards in Windows. It allows you to block such harmful USB devices before they can do any real damage to your computer.

You can download G-Data USB Keyboard Guard from https://www.gdatasoftware.com/en-usb-keyboard-guard.