SARDU is Multi-boot Antivirus Scanner USB Disk Builder

When a Windows PC becomes infected with malware, usually you can run a good antivirus solution and remove the infection. But sometimes, the computer becomes so much infected that it cannot even manage to boot into Windows. Such heavily infected un-bootable Windows are better repaired with bootable antivirus rescue disks. You can use many of these antivirus rescue disks using the free SARDU tool. SARDU (abbreviation for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) is a multi-boot antivirus scanner USB builder for Windows. It offers you to create a bootable USB or CD rescue disk that can contain more than one antivirus rescue disks, repair tools and live Linux distributions so that you can fix your malware infected Windows system easily.

As you launch the SARDU tool, it presents you with a big list of antivirus rescue disks and other related tools that you can select to download. Under the Tools section, you can find some of the bootable tool disks which you may find useful to fix Windows computers with boot problems. Under the Linux section, you can find many different types of the Linux distributions that could be used to access the hard disk and fix partition problems. Similarly, under the Windows section, you can find some of the Windows PE boot disks.

SARDU Multiboot Disk Creater

Having selected the various antivirus rescue disks, repair tool disks, Windows PE and the Linux distributions, you can click on the Download button near the top-left corner in the toolbar. This will initiate the download process and will download all the selected items one by one.

SARDU Multiboot Disk Creater

Once the download is finished, you can click on the USB pen drive or the DVD icon on the right-side panel to start the creation of the USB multi-boot disk or the ISO file (this ISO file can later be burned to the blank CD/DVD media). If your USB disk is not being detected then you can re-insert the USB disk and click on the Search USB icon near the top-right corner.

SARDU Multiboot Disk Creater

After your multi-boot SARDU disk is ready, you can use it to boot into a computer. You will be presented with the SARDU multi-boot screen and you can choose to use any of the rescue disks, repair tools or the Linux distribution to use. This makes it very easy to use the same USB or DVD disk for using a variety of tools.

SARDU Multiboot Disk Creater

Conclusion: SARDU is an excellent bootable disk creation utility that helps you to make emergency repair disks for situations when your Windows computer is not able to boot the normal way. It can create multi-boot disks containing all types of antivirus rescue disks, repair tools, Windows PE and Live Linux disks.

You can download SARDU tool from

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