Gain Storage Space by Deleting Duplicate Files in Android

The number one reason why the file storage space on your Android device gradually disappears is the existence of multiple duplicate files on your device. These duplicate files can accumulate on your device for a variety of reasons – you have copied your music collection more than once, you have downloaded one file multiple times instead of reusing the already downloaded file, you have some or other types of backups stored and so on. Surprisingly some of these duplicated files are not really necessary or useful for your device to work. They could also be files that you needed once but not they have outlived their usefulness.

In order to find such files, you need a special app that can both detect and allow you to remove one of these duplicate files. The free Duplicate File Finder app is one of such apps that can help you search for such identical files and remove all but one of these identical files.

The app starts up with a big scan button that you can touch to start the scanning. There are no bells and whistles in the scanning process and you are only shown a text based progress of all the files being scanned. After all the files have been gone through, it shows you if any identical file sets have been detected. You can select one or all of the files from each of the identical file sets and touch the bin icon to get rid of them.

Duplicate File Finder for Android

In the settings for the app, you can choose whether you want to scan for the image duplicates or video duplicates. Since the video files are usually larger, it takes a little longer if you choose to scan for the identical video files. You can also control how many times it should run the duplicate search in the background.

Duplicate File Finder for Android

Conclusion: Duplicate files can be detected and eliminated easily in your Android device using the Duplicate File Finder tool. It can look for all kinds of duplicate files including the music, video and picture files.

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