EncryptOnClick is Easy File Encryption Utility for Windows

Everyone has those secret documents, pictures and videos that they do not want anyone else to see. Even after knowing the private nature of such documents, some people just create a folder having a name that looks like system folder (e.g., “Win”, “Driver” or “System64”) and copy all these sensitive files in these folders – thinking that the folder name will fool everyone – but this is obviously not enough. For protecting your sensitive files, you should use a data encryption tool like EncryptOnClick that can encrypt your files with industry grade strong AES 256-bit cipher.

EncryptOnClick is a free file encryption utility for Windows. It employs the highly acclaimed AES cipher which is considered very strong in the modern times. Files encrypted with EncryptOnClick can only be decrypted by supplying the password that you used for encrypting them.


You can start by clicking on the File or Folder button to choose a file or a folder containing many files for encryption. As you select the files/folders, you are shown a window where you have to enter the encryption password. There is also an option that prevents original files from being deleted after they are encrypted.



The security of encrypted files depends on how strong password you use for encrypting them. If you cannot think of a strong password, then you can use many of the password generation tools like PWGen or Norton Password Generator.


The files encrypted by EncryptOnClick are renamed and an extension .EOC is appended to their original name. For example, if you encrypt a file “win10.txt”, then it would be renamed to “win10.txt.EOC”. You can just double-click on the encrypted file having the .EOC extension to start decrypting them. Decryption is started when you supply the correct password that you used to encrypt them.


Conclusion: EncryptOnClick is a simple data encryption tool for Windows. It can be used in the portable mode or you can install it in Windows. In both cases, it is a highly efficient tool for your basic file encryption requirements.

You an download EncryptOnClick tool from http://www.2brightsparks.com/.

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