Keep Yourself Hydrated with the Help of “Drink Water” App

It is a well know fact that to lead a happy and healthy life, one must drink good amount water everyday. If you do not drink enough water then you may end up dehydrated which may result in headaches, fatigue, indigestion and many other troubles. But how much water should one drink everyday stays a mystery for many of us. Many dietitians tell us to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday, but to find exactly out how much water you should drink daily, you can use the free “Drink Water” app for Android. This app can also keep a track of how much water you have had during the day and notifies you to drink more water until you have finished drinking enough water to meet the daily requirements.

As the “Drink Water” is started for the first time, it asks you for the units to be used and your body weight in the system of units of your choice (kilograms or pounds). The amount of water you need to drink everyday depends on the weight of your body.

Drink Water App

On the next screen, it shows a calculated amount of water that you should drink everyday to stay properly hydrated. Of course, you can adjust this value to your own comfortable amount as per needed. You also have to enter the time of waking up and going to bed so that it can notify you in a timely manner.

Drink Water App

After this, it keeps notifying you every hour (this interval can be customize) about drinking some water. You can drink some water and tell the app about how much water you have taken. The amount you have drunk will be deducted from your daily water requirement until you have finished drinking enough water to fulfill the daily necessary amount.

Drink Water App

Conclusion: Drinking water is often forgotten during the winters, but our body still needs a minimum amount of water to function properly. The “Drink Water” app uses simple techniques to keep you notified about drinking enough water to keep you properly hydrated.

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