Milouz Market is Software Manager for Windows

Installation of software in Windows is not that difficult. All you have to do is download the software package from the respective website and run the package installer on your Windows PC. Even though it is a very easy thing to do, sometimes you wish that you could download all your software from one spot on the internet instead of looking it up from one site to another. The free Milouz Market is a software manager that can perhaps resolve this issue for many Windows users. It allows you to download latest software packages for many of the popular Windows software and installs them silently in your PC – saving you from all the hassle of manually downloading the software and installing it.

Milouz Market makes use of the Microsoft .Net Framework version 4, so you must have it installed beforehand (it comes pre-installed in Windows 8, but for earlier Windows versions you have to install it yourself).

As you launch the Milouz Market, it connects to the internet downloads the list of latest available software and thereupon the respective program icons. All the programs are neatly listed in the simple user interface clearly indicating their current installed versions as well as the available versions that you can download. You can choose to download and install the software you wish by clicking on the green download button or choose to update them by clicking on the blue globe button.

Milouz Market

If you are confused about any of the software programs listed in the Milouz Market, then you can click on the small question mark button next to it. This will open a small informational window displaying you some of the basic details about that program. For example, the following information was displayed for the Java JRE software:

Milouz Market

Clicking on the Parameters button, you can open the Milouz Market settings where you can choose the options like auto-starting it with Windows, silently installing the updates, asking confirmation when removing a program, adding shortcuts to newly installed programs and more.

Milouz Market

Conclusion: Milouz Market is a simple software management program for Windows that can help you install essential software on your Windows PC and update the older versions of the some of most common programs silently in the background.

You can download Milouz Market from