KeyLock : Locks Your PC with a Simple USB Pen Drive

Although Windows operating system provides locking of your PC so that no one can access it without supplying the password, yet we sometimes find it too cumbersome to use for small durations of time. For example, when you get up from your desk to get a cup of coffee, you don’t really lock the PC – after all, you will be back in a minute. We just don’t want to be bothered to enter the password after every ten minutes. But these small lapses of security may put the data on your computer at risk. As soon as your back is turned, anyone can install a RAT (remote access trojan) on your computer – if your PC is not locked.

So what is the solution? Is there any smart and simple way to lock your PC? How can you avoid entering the password again and again and still benefit from locking the computer? A simple solution would be to use the face recognition technology that unlocks the PC when you show your face to the camera. But that requires at least Windows 8 and can easily be defeated by showing your picture to the web cam. Another solution is to use your USB pen drive (also called thumb drive or USB key), to lock and unlock your PC.

Using the KeyLock freeware, you can turn any ordinary pen drive into a key of your PC. After the installation of the software, all you have to do is select the USB pen drive from the drop down list box and click on the Set button. This will copy some files to your USB pen drive so that it can be used as the key. The files also contain the serial number of the pen drive, so that only that particular pen drive can be used.


Under the Lock Screen Settings tab, you can customize the lock screen (how it would look when your PC is locked). You can select any JPEG image as the lock screen wallpaper and choose a style for the lock screen. There are five styles available – Windows Classic (it looks like Windows 2000), Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. You can also customize the colors for Windows 8 and 10 styles. You can also change the lock screen text.


After this, you have to click on the Start Protection button in the main window to start securing of your PC. Now as soon as you remove the USB pen drive (that you has decided to use for locking your PC), your PC gets locked and you see a screen similar to the one shown below:


When you plug-in the USB pen drive back into the USB port, it gets unlocked. You do not need to enter any lengthy passwords to unlock your computer. The program comes with a safeguard protection – in case you lose the USB key, you can enter one of the passwords to unlock the PC. You have to change these passwords in the program settings.

Conclusion: KeyLock turns your ordinary USB pen drive into a powerful security device. Through this software, you can use your USB pen drive to lock and unlock your PC simple by removing or plugging in the pen drive into the PC.

You can download KeyLock from