Make Shortcuts to Apps and Activities in Android with QuickShortcutMaker

When you have to drop a shortcut of an installed app on the home-screen in Android, it is a breeze – just drag and drop the icon of the app from the App Drawer to the home-screen and its done. But when you want to create a shortcut to a particular activity of an app (for example, shortcut to open call logs of Phone dialer app or shortcut to open dialing history in Phone dialer app) or when you have to create shortcuts to private apps that do not show in the App Drawer, it all becomes very impossible unless you are using an app like QuickShortcutMaker.

QuickShortcutMaker is an Android app that allows you to make shortcuts to all sorts of regular apps, private apps, and also the specific activities related to these apps. As you launch this app, it will show you a list of all the apps (both regular apps and the private apps). If you select an app, it will show the activities associated with these apps. You can search the apps or activities using a search box on the top.

QuickShortcutMaker for Android

As you select one of the applications or the activities, you are presented with the shortcut creation screen. Here you can change the shortcut label and the shortcut icon. There is also a Try option that you can use to check whether the shortcut you are about to create is going to work as you want it to work. After this, you can just touch the Create button and the new shortcut shall be dropped on your home-screen.

QuickShortcutMaker for Android

Conclusion: QuickShortcutMaker makes is very easy to create shortcuts to apps and app activities in Android. If you are always updating and installing apps in Android, then you should have QuickShortcutMaker on your Android device.

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