Norman Mobile Security Protects Android from Malware

Norman is a Norwegian security firm that has been developing security products for many platforms like Windows and Android for many years. You can benefit from their Android security apps like Norman Mobile Security and protect your Android device from malware. The Norman Mobile Security is a lightweight security app and comes packed with many features like malware scanner, privacy advisor, web security, anti-theft and event viewer. This app works even on low end Android phones that do not have a powerful processors and have small amount of the RAM memory.

Norman Mobile Security starts up by asking the name of the device – this name is used to identify your device in the Anti-Theft module if you have to use it at any later time. Then you have to create a Norman account  (again this account is used to track your mobile phone in case you lose it or it gets stolen).

Norman Mobile Security for Android

The first thing you should do is scan your device for any possible malicious software. Just tap on the Malware Scanner icon and it will go to scan right away. It scans all of your installed apps and file storage to detect any possible malicious items. All the scanning is done in-the-cloud, so no virus definition updates are really necessary. In addition to the on-demand scanning, it also has on-install scanning function that scanning all the apps you try to install in your device.

Norman Mobile Security for Android

The Web Security module can quickly alert you when browsing webpages that contain malware, phishing or fraudulent content. The Privacy Advisor module of Norman Mobile Security shows you about all the apps that can connect to the internet, make phone calls or send SMS. You can go through the list of such apps and decide if you want to keep these apps on your device or remove them. The Event Viewer module, shows you all the events connected to the Norman Mobile Security like malware detected, malware removed, scanning completed and so on.

Norman Mobile Security for Android

Conclusion: Norman Mobile Security is a pretty standard security app for Android devices. It can give your Android smart phone some of the necessary basic protection from malware and comes packed with an anti-theft module too.

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