Setting Owner Information in Android Devices

When you start your Windows or Linux machine, you are asked either to log on to the machine by entering your username and password, or you are displayed a username to pick and are consequently logged on to the machine using the respective user profile. But with Android devices, you usually do not see any user name when your start the devices. However, there is a setting in all the Android devices that allows you to set an owner name or owner information in the device. This owner information is then displayed on the lock screen of the Android device, so that everybody knows who the device belongs to.

You can follow these simple steps to set the owner name or owner information in your Android smart phone or tablet:

  1. Touch the home button to switch to the home screen in Android. Now touch the menu button and select System Settings or Settings from the menu that appears.
  2. On the Android settings screen, select the Security option. The Security section lets you change some of the security options for your device including the owner information. You can touch the Owner info option to change the owner information.Set Owner Information in Android
  3. The next screen that opens up allows you to toggle displaying of the owner information as you check or uncheck the checkbox labeled Show owner info on lock screen. You can also type in the owner information in the space given under this checkbox. You can type one or more words spanned across one or more lines.Set Owner Information in Android
  4. In order to see how the owner information looks on the lock screen – turn off the screen by short-pressing the power button in your Android device and then short-press it again to turn the screen back on.

Conclusion: Setting owner information in your Android device not only makes it more personalized for you, but also adds a little layer of security by letting everyone know who the smart phone belongs to – and its pretty easy to set too.