Scan & Remove DropperBot Malware with G-Data DropperBot Cleaner

Among the various botnet malware, DropperBot has been a pest for the security experts for some time. This bot malware uses the common trick of double extension files to disguise as picture or video file and when users try to open these files, malware infects the machine. According to security researchers, DropperBot has infected more than 11,000 computers across the world. If you have already secured your computer with a good antivirus software, then perhaps you are free from DropperBot. But why not make sure by using the free G-Data DropperBot Cleaner. This tool from the G-Data Security Labs can scan and remove the DropperBot malware from your Windows PC.

DropperBot is basically an information theft tool controlled by the cyber criminals. It can steal a wide variety of information available on your PC – passwords stored in web browser & email clients, passwords typed through physical keyboards using a keylogger, bitcoin accounts if found, social networking credentials and much more.

Fortunately detection and removal of DropeprBot is a matter of seconds. After downloading the G-Data DropperBot Cleaner, you can launch it directly. This is a portable tool and does not need to be installed. It will show you some information on the first screen, but you can just click on the Scan Computer button to start the scanning of your computer.

G-Data DropperBot Cleaner

In a short internal of time, you will be shown a message telling you whether it found the DropperBot malware on your PC or not. If it detects the malware, it will attempt to clean the malicious entries and files from your PC and may require rebooting the PC for complete removal of the malicious files. If it does not detect the infection, then you will be shown a message to the effect.

G-Data DropperBot Cleaner

Conclusion: G-Data DropperBot Cleaner is a quick and efficient tool to get rid of the DropperBot malware from your PC. In case, it finds something suspicious on your PC, you are also shown link containing further instructions to secure your PC.

You can download the G-Data DropperBot Cleaner from