Preferences Monitor Warns About Unauthorized Changes in Firefox Settings

Firefox is the one of the most used and loved web browsers today. It receives this widespread acclaim owing to the flexibility it provides in terms of extensions, security and being an open-source software in general. While most of the extensions work to add and enhance the features of this web browser, some of the extensions may try to change the Firefox settings without our approval. Although the extensions are screened by other open-source developers for malicious code, yet if you want to be notified of such behavior then you can use the Preference Monitor extension for Firefox.

The Preferences Monitor extension warns you if any other extension makes any changes in the Firefox settings. After installing this extension, you can control how you are notified from the about:addons page for the Preferences Monitor.

Basically, you can choose to whitelist an extension and prevent it from being monitored. The Chatzilla and WebofTrust extensions are already added to this lst and you can add even more extensions to the white list. You can customize if the Preferences Guard should ask you to revert the changes made. You can also enable console logging of all the monitoring process.

Firefox Preferences Monitor

In addition, you can also launch the eCleaner for Preferences Monitor which can help you remove various type of data stored by the current or previously installed Firefox extensions. You can remove the data stored by extensions, data stored in profile files, downloaded files, and data from the LocalStore.

Firefox Preferences Monitor

Conclusion: Preferences Monitor for Firefox allows you to keep an eye on other extensions activities and warns you if it observers any changes made to Firefox settings without your affirmation. It can also revert these changes and allows you to clean the data stored by various extensions.

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