VoodooShield : New Approach to Protect from Malware

When the antivirus software was first created in late 1980s, there were only a few hundred computer virus strains in the wild and the obvious approach to address these harmful virus programs was to blacklist them. Since then this blacklisting of malware has become the de-facto standard for all antivirus products. As soon as the antivirus encounters a new file, it checks the new file against its database of malware signatures – if a match is found, it declares the file a malware and take appropriate action. But now that we have millions of malware in the database (with thousands being added every month), it has become a little impractical to use the blacklisting approach. How about we whitelist the software we use everyday and block all other programs?

VoodooShield virus protection software works along the same lines – it whitelists all the Microsoft Windows programs and other third party software from reputed companies while at the same time blocking every other program. This way malware of any sort, old or new, stands no chance of harming your computer.

After the installation, it takes a snapshot of your PC – finding the programs that you have installed in Windows and use most often. These detected known good programs are automatically whitelisted. After this you can right-click on the VoodooShield system tray icon and switch it to the Smart mode to turn it on.


Now if you try to run an unknown program on your PC (no matter if it is malicious or not), it fails to run. You are shown an error – “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have enough permissions to access the item”. The VoodooShield system tray icon also displays blocking message . If you think that the file being blocked is safe, then you can click on this system tray message to allow running that file.


In the settings for VoodooShield virus protection, you can choose to auto-start VoodooShield with windows, automatic activation criteria, toggling of the USB drives upon detection, and more. You can also choose the web apps installed on your PC that can toggle VoodooShield on or off.


Conclusion: VoodooShield bring a completely new out-of-the-box approach for defending your PC from malware. It creates a defense shield for your PC by whitelisting only the known good software and does not rely on a regularly updated malware database.

You can download VoodooShield from http://voodooshield.com/Download/.