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In this busy life, sometimes we forget that we have already copied some files on the computer’s hard disk and try to copy them once again. If you are lucky, and try to copy the files again to the same location then Windows will give you warning about the existing files and you will realize the mistake. But if you copy the already copied files to another folder, then you will never realize that you have copied the same files more than once. This way, you will have duplicate files on the hard disk which serve no special purpose but to reduce the available free space on the hard disk.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to scan, find and get rid of these duplicate files from your computer. For example, the free Reasonable NoClone software can easily find all types of duplicate files on your computer and allows you to delete or move them to another location.

If the nagging messages do not bother you, then NoClone’s free version provides an easy user interface. You have to add one or more search locations along with various search criteria in the main window. In the criteria, you can decide whether to look for all files, image files, video files, MP3 files and so on. Once you have added at least one search location, you can click on the Search button to start the scanning.

Reasonable NoClone

The scanning may take a long time as it compares the files in many different ways -modification dates, hashes, binary data and more. After the file comparison is complete, you will be shown a list of the duplicate files – already arranged in the duplicate groups. You can review these files, preview them and choose to delete or move them individually. It also has a smart file marker that can mark all files but one from each duplicate group. You can also click on the Save Space button to delete duplicate files automatically and free up the disk space.

Reasonable NoClone

Conclusion: Although it shows nag screens incessantly, NoClone is a good duplicate file finder software that you can benefit from and save your hard disk space without much struggle.

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