Booster for Android Improves Android Smartphone Performance

When you buy a brand new Android smart phone, it works without any problems, has all the storage space and gives its peak performance. But after you have installed a few apps and used it for a few months, the storage space available reduces and the available RAM also goes down because so many apps are running in the background. In order to bring back the original performance, you can either factory reset your Android smart phone or use an app like Booster for Android that can improve your smart phone’s performance. Phone Boost can not only boost the smart phone performance by freeing up the used RAM, but it can also improve your battery’s performance and make it last longer.

Booster for Android opens up with a simple interface where you can choose from Battery Saver or Phone Booster. The Phone Booster module can be used to close down the apps running in the background and free up the available RAM. This is a good idea to perform this step before launching a memory intensive game like Dead Trigger.

Booster for Android

The Battery Saver module allows you to set a mode for saving the battery charge and make it last longer. There are three modes available – Super Saver, Normal and Custom. Each of these modes configure the screen brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, vibrate mode and so on to save the battery power.

Booster for Android

It also comes packed with many other tools like App Manager (uninstalls user installed apps), Network Manager (shows apps connecting to the internet), File Manager (basic file manager) etc.

Booster for Android

Conclusion: Booster for Android can improve your Android device’s performance easily at the tap of a button. It can free up the system RAM and reduce the battery usage to make it last longer.

You can download Booster for Android app from