How to Boot Android in Safe Mode

Sometimes when you install an app in your Android smart phone, it causes some problems that prevent you from using your phone the way you want to. These apps can even cripple your phone and employ techniques to avoid being uninstalled from your device. For such situations Android has the safe mode which is akin to the safe mode of Windows operating system. In the safe mode, Android disables all the third party apps that you have installed and allows you to fix Android problems that you may be having – you can remove the problematic apps and change the system settings that you could not change in the normal mode.

If your device has stock Android installed on it then you can follow these simple instructions to boot Android into the safe mode:

  1. Long press the power key on your Android device to bring up the power off menu that has options to Power off and Reboot. Your device manufacturer could have customized this menu.Android Safe Mode
  2. Long touch on the option Power Off on this screen. In a short time you will see a prompt asking you whether you want to boot into the safe mode. Touch OK to start booting into the safe mode.
  3. Your device will be powered off and restarted into the safe mode. You will be able to know that you are using the safe mode of Android by looking at “Safe Mode” printed in the lower-left corner of your Android device’s screen.Android Safe Mode
  4. After you are done using the safe mode of Android to fix any problems that you are having, you can reboot your Android smart phone back into the normal mode.

Conclusion: Safe mode in Android can be used to fix any problems that you could have been having due to the third party apps installed on your device. Starting your Android device in the safe mode is as easy as rebooting it.