EyeRelax for Android : Rest Your Eyes When Using Android Smartphone

If you see people in any modern city at the morning rush hour, they would look like zombies – walking while staring into their smart phone screens, frantically twiddling their thumbs, sometimes smiling and sometimes talking to themselves. And then the same thing is repeated once again at the evening rush hour. People use their smart phones so much throughout the day that it impacts their health, especially their eyes as the eyes have to suffer the most. According to some experts, you can avoid the harmful effect of smart phones on your eyes just by closing your eyes for a few seconds every now and then.

The EyeRelax app for Android asks you to do exactly that every half an hour. It has a very minimal user interface that shows the number of seconds for which you should keep your eyes closed and the number of minutes after which you should repeat the exercise repeatedly. The free app does not give you options to change the default values which are 30 seconds for closing the eyes after every 30 minutes of time frequency.

EyeRelax Android

In the paid version, you can not only customize the two time durations, but you can also choose to auto-start EyeRelax as soon as you start/restart your Android device, warn you 30 seconds before taking the eye relax, and enable the computer mode.

EyeRelax Android

Conclusion: EyeRelax app for Android warns you every 30 minutes to take a break and rest your eyes by closing them or looking at some natural light. The app has a useful concept, however the free version is completely crippled and does not allow any customizations at all.

You can download Eye Relax app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TwinBlade.eyerelax.