Hardware Info for Android Shows Smartphone Hardware Details

The smart phone manufacturing industry in the Chinese city of Shenzhen is booming really well. All the mobile companies across the world import the mobile phones from Shenzhen and sell them under their own brand names. And these smart phones sell really well as they are not only feature rich, but are also very economical. But support and updates become a huge issue for such devices. However, if you know the original device name and other hardware information for the smart phone, then you can google about it to find the related updates, flashable ROM and other information.

In order to find out the real device name and the hardware details, you can use the Hardware Info app. This app shows you details about your smart phone’s system, display, processor, memory, camera, graphics, sensors, codecs and other features. Under the system category, you can find all the details about your phone’s model, manufacturer, device name, brand, Android version and build ID etc.

Hardware Info App

Under the display category, you can find the display resolution in pixels, screen refresh rate, screen orientation, pixel density etc. For the processor category, it shows the name of the processor used in the SoC, number of cores,SIMD instructions and more.

Similarly, you can find all the details for various hardware categories like the RAM, internal memory, camera, OpenGL, sensors, graphic modes, features etc. If you want to save this report or share it with someone, then you can touch the email icon near the top-right corner. You will see a prompt to choose the report type – Text, HTML, XML. After you have selected a report format, it will save the hardware info report to that file type.

Hardware Info App

Conclusion: Hardware Info app is a simple but very useful and informative tool to find out about the hardware of your Android smart phone. It shows you hardware details categorized under various labels like system, graphics, memory, processor, camera etc.

You can download the Hardware Info app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dama.hardwareinfo.