Get the Familiar HTC Flipclock in Windows PC

People can point out an HTC smart phone easily as they all come with the very familiar flip clock on the home screen. These flip clocks look very beautiful and can also display the current weather conditions in your local city or any other city of your choice. So far if you wanted to get the HTC flipclock, then you had to either buy the HTC smart phones or install a similar looking clock widget in your Android smart phone. But now you can bring the HTC flipclock on your Windows PC desktop too. The free program HTC Home can bring the HTC flipclock, weather and pictures widgets to your Windows desktop.

HTC Home comes as a collection of portable programs packed inside a zip o 7-z archive. You can download and extract these files to any folder to your like and launch clock.exe from there and run weather.exe for the weather widget.

HTC Flipclock for Windows PC

In order to view the current weather conditions, you will have to specifiy your location in the HTC Home settings. You can open the HTC Home settings by right-clicking on either the clock widget or the weather widget and choosing Options from the context-menu.

HTC Flipclock for Windows PC

In the settings window, you can choose the timezone for displaying the time, date and time display formats, toggle displaying the icon in the taskbar, enable the Aero effect, choose the widget transparency, choose the size of the widget, make it automatically start with Windows and more.

HTC Flipclock for Windows PC

You can also choose one of the many styles given in the settings for the HTC Home clock. There are all types of styles – flipclocks, flipclocks with weather information, flipclocks with weather forecast, classic analog clock with second hand, dual analog clock that displays time of two locations and more.

HTC Flipclock for Windows PC

Conclusion: HTC Home brings the familiar HTC flipclock to the Windows desktop screen along with a beautiful weather forecast widget. The clock can be customized to show different styles and different timezones.

You can download the HTC Home flip clock from

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