Sys Updater : Easily Install Cyanogen, MIUI, AOSP ROMs in Android Devices

Android is open source and this is one of the reasons why it has become world’s number one mobile operating system. Android is everywhere and owing to its open source nature is available in many different flavors. Google’s official Android ROMs for their Nexus series of devices are available in the stock Android form called AOSP (Android open source project). The Chinese smart phone giant Xiaomi produces their own modified form of Android called MIUI. And then there is Cyanogen – community built version of Android which adds to the existing features of AOSP. All these Android flavors can be installed on any of the supported devices including the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus devices.

Usually the installation of AOSP, MIUI or Cyanogen ROMs involve the use of fastboot command. But why bother with all those cryptic commands when you can use the Sys Updater app to do all the dirty work for you. This Sys Updater works on any rooted device and allows you to download and install any of these AOSP, MIUI or the Cyanogen ROMs on your device.

After launching the Sys Updater app, you can switch to the appropriate section – Cyanogen, MIUI or AOSP depending on the ROM you are interested in. You will be able to choose whether you want the stable, tested and tried ROM or want to install the beta or nightly versions. It is better to stick with the stable versions as the nightly versions may not work as expected and can contain some unforeseen bugs.

System Updater for Android

You will be shown to pick one of the custom recoveries – TWRP, CWM or modified CWM. You should pick the CWM recovery as this works best compared to other ones, but there is no harm in trying others ones. After this, you can proceed and download the selected ROM if it supports your device make and model. If you device is not supported, then do not try to download any random ROM as it will perhaps hard brick your device.

System Updater for Android

After one or two device reboots, you will update Android to a different version or flavor easily without having to connect it to any computer or using the fastboot command.

Conclusion: Sys Updater app can update the Android to the latest versions of Cyanogen, MIUI or AOSP ROMs easily without requiring connections to any computer and without using any cryptic commands.

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