Google Similar Pages Finds Similar Web Pages in Chrome

It happens many times that we search for hours finally to find a website that answers all our questions but a few things are still left to be answered. It is at those times we wish ardently to find a web page similar to the one that we are browsing currently. We try to search again, but without any fruitful results and finally bang our fists down on the desk screaming, “Why cannot I find something similar to this webpage?” I personally think that some or other of the Google employees were in a situation like this when they created the Google Similar Pages extension for Chrome.

Google Similar Pages extension for Chrome browser makes it ridiculously easy for you to find web pages similar to the one you have currently open in your browser. It installs a simple icon that looks like the “similar to” sign in Mathematics in your Chrome browser’s address bar. In order to find some of the web pages that are similar to the one currently open, all you have to do is click on the “similar to” icon.

Google Similar Pages Extension

As soon as you click on this icon a drop-down list, populated with websites that are more or less similar to the one already open, is displayed. You can scroll up and down in this list of similar websites and choose the one you think best suits your idea of similarity.

When I tried to find such similar sites for popular online video chat service YouNow, it displayed Omegle as one of the results which is a pretty similar to YouNow in the sense that both of these websites offer you a simple interface of talking with people all over the world.

Google Similar Pages Extension

Conclusion: Finding similar websites or web pages has become even more easier with the help of Google Similar Pages extension for the Chrome browser. This extensions works effortlessly and fetches you similar pages instantly without obstructing your web experience in any way.

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