Microsoft Offers Picturesque Lockscreen for Android Devices

According to an estimate over two million Android devices are in use today. With such a large user base Android has become the number one mobile operating system in the world. Even the operating system software giant Microsoft could not keep itself away from the ever growing popularity of the Android operating system. Microsoft has released a lockscreen app for Android devices that brings the Bing search to Android. This app from Microsoft is called Picturesque Lockscreen and true to its name, brings mesmerizingly beautiful pictures to your Android’s lock screen.

As with all the Microsoft products, the Picturesque Lockscreen starts by welcoming you, explaining you what it is all about and letting you choose a bunch of settings before activating it as a lockscreen (this process may remind you of Windows or Office installation). In the features, you can choose to enable notifications, news, favorite apps and the regional calendar displaying on the lockscreen.

Microsoft Picturesque Lockscreen for Android

Once these steps are over, the Picturesque Lockscreen comes into action and shows you some the basic actions that you can perform with it. For example, it shows you how you can change the lockscreen background pictures just by shaking the phone or swiping the screen to the right.

Microsoft Picturesque Lockscreen for Android

The Picturesque Lockscreen comes with Bing search bar on the top (as one can expect), battery charge, messages, missed call notifications and some of the most popular apps. Swiping the screen to the left and right reveals many more interesting features. For example, you can see just the background, news and the settings by swiping the screen left or right a couple of times.

Microsoft Picturesque Lockscreen for Android

Conclusion: Microsoft Picturesque Lockscreen is an alternative lockscreen for Android devices. Powered by Bing, it brings captivating background images to the lock screen along with many other welcome features.

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