How to Change Language for Firefox in Android

Mozilla Firefox is a wise choice for Android users as it is both safe and secure for all your online activities. You can securely access all the financial sites using Firefox like eBay, PayPal, online banking, social networking, online video chat and other shopping sites. If you have bought an Android phone from an online shopping site, then most probably it came with English as the default language. If you install Firefox on such a smart phone then you may have to change the Firefox user interface language so that you can use Firefox in your own language. By changing the Firefox user interface language you can use Firefox in that language.

Here is how you can change the user interface language for Mozilla Firefox for Android:

  1. Open Firefox browser in your Android smart phone.
  2. Press the menu key on your Android to open the menu for Firefox and select Settings from this menu.Firefox Android Language
  3. In the Firefox settings, select the Language option so that you can change the language of your Firefox web browser.
  4. Select System Default from the assigned language (it could be some other language for you) and then choose one of the available languages from the list.Firefox Android Language
  5. As soon as you choose one of the languages from the list, your Firefox web browser interface in Android changes to that selected language instantly.

Conclusion: Firefox is very flexible and allows you to choose your local language to be used for the user interface in Android. You do not have to change the Android’s interface language for this, just a quick change in the Firefox user interface language is sufficient.