MirrorOp : Control One Windows, Android, Mac or iOS Device from Another

We have published an article about how you can use VNC server/client combos to access your Android device’s screen on your Windows PC. But MirrorOp takes this a step further by providing the necessary software to mirror the screens of one Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device from another device. Not only you can access the screen of the devices, but you can actually control them either through the touchscreen or through the keyboard and mouse. Any device screen can be accessed from any other type of supported device, for example, it allows you to access Windows screen on Android, Android screen from Windows or Mac, Android screen from another Android device, Windows screen from Mac and so on.

The device that you want to access through MirrorOp is called sender (because it sends its screen). The device on which you access the screen of other device is called receiver (because it is receiving the screen of some other device). Consequently, you need to install the sender software in the sender device and receiver software in the receiver device. Both the sender and receiver devices should be connected to the same local network (WiFi router works best for this).

For this article, we are going to use Android smart phone as sender and Windows PC as receiver. We installed receiver for Windows in our Windows 8 PC and launched it. You have to give permission in the firewall software for it to work properly. It keeps looking for connection at the internal IP address of the Windows PC.


Next we install the required sender app on Android from the Google Playstore. There are two apps on the Playstore, so be careful to install sender or receiver as required. Typically in the sender app, you have to search for any available receiver and then select it. For Android, the device must be rooted and asks for root permissions as soon as you try to connect to the selected receiver.


Once the device is connected, you can see the Android screen inside the MirrorOp receiver window on the Windows PC. You can control everything using a mouse and keyboard or the touchscreen. You can hear sound and send your sound via the PC microphone. You can play videos, music, games or use browser – pretty much do anything. You can even switch the MirrorOp receiver to full screen.


Conclusion: MirrorOp is a great software to access any device running Windows, Mac, iOS or Android through another device running any of these operating systems. The connection is very smooth and you can actually play games or videos on the remote devices without any problem.

You can download MirrorOp software from http://www.mirrorop.com/receivers/.