Set Live Video Wallpapers in Android

A wallpaper image or the background image is something you look at the most of the time when using your Android smart phone. So it is only natural that you set it to something that is positive and  gives you good vibes all the day long. Normally, you can set only images as the Android screen wallpaper, but you can also set any video file as the background. There is a built-in video wallpaper in Android for this purpose, but it does not offer as many options as the Live Video Wallpaper.

After installing Live Video Wallpaper from the Google Playstore, you can long touch your Android home screen to open the home screen menu. From here you have to select the Wallpapers just as you would do to choose image wallpapers. Swipe through the list of wallpapers until you reach the Live Video Wallpaper.

Android Live Video Wallpaper

On the Live Video Wallpaper screen, you have to touch Settings so that you can select the video file and optimize its settings for your device. On the settings screen, you can touch Video Source and then select one of the video files from your SD card. The video should not have very large resolution because this will make the device very slow. After selecting the video source, you can choose one of the Rendering Mode which allows you to control the video size (square, regular or stretched). There are many other settings too like toggling of frame drops, allowing smoothness of video when home screen is swiped etc.

Android Live Video Wallpaper

Now you can go back to the Live Video Wallpaper screen and touch Set Wallpaper to set the selected video as your home screen background. You will see the video being played in the background immediately. But if you don’t see the video as you expected, then you may want to configure the rendering settings or choose a different video.

Conclusion: You can easily set any video file as the home screen background in your Android device and make it look even more exciting than before. The free Live Video Wallpaper can help you set any video as the background very easily.

You can get the Live Video Wallpaper from