Safe Camera for Android Keeps Pictures Encrypted

Although Android smart phones come with strong enough screen locking mechanisms that require you to entire a password, PIN code or pattern etc., to unlock the lock screen and use the phone, yet most people just use the slide lock that can be unlocked even by two-three year old kids (yes, I have seen kids do that). And on such phones almost anybody can have a look at your personal pictures that you snapped with your beloved in private. One way to tackle this problem is to encrypt your pictures so that nobody can view them without supplying a password. The Safe Camera app goes a step further and automatically encrypts all the pictures shot through this app.

As you launch the Safe Camera app, it asks you to setup a master password that is used to encrypt the photos taken. The password used should be strong so that it cannot be easily guessed or cracked by anyone. If you cannot think of any good password, then you can use the Norton Password Generator to create one for you.

Safe Camera

The camera module of Safe Camera is pretty standard and has all the usual controls. You can switch back and forth between front camera or back camera, choose flashing mode, choose picture mega pixel resolutions, view the picture gallery of already shot photos among other things.

Safe Camera

In the settings for the Safe Camera app, you can choose the folder where encrypted pictures are located, the folder where decrypted pictures are copied, enable automatic locking of the app if it stays inactive for specified duration of time, enable Vol Up and Vol Down buttons to take the picture and so on.

Safe Camera

Conclusion: Safe Camera can encrypt your pictures shot through your mobile phone’s camera so that only you can view them, keep them private and away from snooping eyes.

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