Transmute Converts Browser Bookmarks Format for Various Browsers

With so many web browsers to choose from, most of us end up having more than one web browser installed on our desktop computers. I myself have Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers installed on my Windows 8 computer in addition to the Microsoft Internet Explorer that came pre-installed. I use all of these web browsers for one or other reasons. Some of the websites specifically mention that they are designed to perform better with Internet Explorer, while I use Chrome for online shopping sites and the Firefox for everyday sites like news and forums. But it makes things a little difficult when I want to access the bookmarks saved in one browser in some other web browser.

All web browsers save bookmarks in different formats and manually exporting bookmarks from one browser to another is not an easy task. Fortunately the free Transmute program can make things much easier  if you are planning to export bookmarks between different browsers. It can help you convert the browser bookmarks formats from one web browser to another. Currently, it supports all the well known web browsers – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Safari, Avant and more.

The user interface of  Transmute is pretty straightforward – you have to select a source bookmark from any existing browser installation and a target folder for the destination web browser. The source bookmarks format shall be converted into the target browser bookmarks format.


As has been already mentioned, you can choose any well known browser bookmarks format by selecting the drop-down list box. There are twelve known browser formats as well as support for the XBEL files that are most commonly used to save the bookmarks by various browsers not listed in the list (Galeon web browser for example). It also supports all the Firefox based browsers like Palemoon and Waterfox.


There are options that allow you to backup and overwrite the target bookmarks files before exporting the bookmarks. Clicking on the Start button shall initiate the exporting of the bookmarks. You are shown a preview of what is going to happen. Any duplicate bookmarks are removed (shown with red minus sign) and new bookmarks are added (shown with green plus sign). Now you can close the Transmute window and check the target web browser for the new bookmarks that have been imported into it.


Conclusion: Transmute is a very handy application for exporting, syncing and removing duplicate browser bookmarks. It can help you quickly and easily convert browser bookmarks between various different web browser formats.

You can download Transmute from