UrlToPDF : Easily Save Webpages As PDF in Android

I do a lot of online shopping and after shopping some of the extra long pairs of jeans, I was looking for a simple way to shorten them without cutting off the original hem. Finally when I found a simple way to do so (http://goo.gl/XlSiyb), I wanted to save that webpage as a PDF file for later use. On the Android smartphone, it is a little tricky to save webpages as PDF files if you do not want to install any web browser add-ons. But a simple app called UrlToPDF makes things very easy when saving web pages as PDF files.

In the UrlToPDF app, all you have to do is copy-paste the URL that you want to save as PDF file, and then touch the Convert button. Soon it starts to load the webpage data and convert it into a PDF file.


After the conversion is complete, you are given options to open the newly created PDF document or to send it to your friends through various services available on your Android smart phone like Bluetooth, Mail, Whatsapp and so on. You can also access these PDF files in the “UrlToPDF” folder in the SD card (either external or internal) of your phone.


The UrlToPDF app uses any of the two PDF conversion services – Pdfmyurl or Convertmyurl. The Pdfmyurl service cannot be configured but you can change the settings of the Convertmyurl. You can choose which parts of a webpage are to be included in the PDF file.


Conclusion: If you want to quickly convert a webpage into a PDF on your Android smart phone, then you can use the UrlToPDF app without thinking twice. The app has a minimalist interface, but does its intended job wonderfully.

You can get UrlToPDF app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nop.urltopdf.