EncryptThat : Simple File Encryption Tool for Windows

If you need a file encryption tool to protect your personal files against unwanted access by others, but at the same time do not want to install a complicated encryption software then you can give Leelusoft EncryptThat a try. The EncryptThat software is a portable program and can easily encrypt or decrypt the files on your hard disk just by a simple click. The program adds itself to the context-menu of Windows File Explorer so that you can easily encrypt or decrypt the files. Its not clear as to which encryption cipher method is used for the encryption in this program, but it seems to encrypt files very fast.

If you want to add EncryptThat to your Windows File Explorer context-menu, then you will have to run with administrator privileges (right-click on CME.exe and select Run as administrator from the right-click menu). In the small EncryptThat window that shows up, you can check all the options that you want to enable and click on the OK button.


Basically, you can choose to add the encrypt/decrypt commands to the File Explorer context-menu, display confirmation dialog and display messages after encryption or decryption is finished.

Now whenever you want to encrypt a file, all you have to do is right-click on that file and select Encrypt File from the context-menu. Similarly, you can choose to decrypt any previously encrypted file by selecting Decrypt File from the same menu.


You are asked for the password and then the encryption or decryption process takes place. The encrypted files are not renamed in any way (usually the encryption tools rename the file to let you know which files is encrypted and which is not). Also, there is no option to preserve the original files, so you have to be very careful in remembering the encryption password for your files.


Conclusion: Leelusoft EncryptThat is a very simple file encryption utility that can quickly encrypt and decrypt your files for basic protection against unwanted access to your private files. But since it is unclear which cipher it uses, it should not be used for highly sensitive data.

You can download Leelusoft EncryptThat from http://leelusoft.blogspot.com.