WashAndGo Mobile Cleans Junk in Android Smartphones

Android smart phone users often complain of their phone space being run out because they installed too many apps in a short time and the space got filled pretty quick. And their worries are not entirely baseless either. I myself have been in this dilemma for many many times when the Android user space seems to evaporate like ether in thin air even though the phone was only a few days old. There are many reasons for this including the accumulation of junk files, installation of the unnecessary apps, and retaining of the cache by certain apps like Chrome and Firefox.

The free WashAndGo Mobile app can relieve you from all these problems by easily and quickly removing all the gunk claiming all the useful user space in your Android device. In addition, it can also boost your privacy by cleaning your browser cache, phone calls and other logs, can help you remove unwanted apps to free up space and can warn when your system is overloaded or is running on low disk space.

The Trash Finder module basically searches your Android device’s storage for temporary files created by various apps, orphan files left behind uninstalled apps and so on. These files can be deleted for recovering storage space. The Privacy Cleaner module helps you clean the call logs, SMS messages and browser cache to wipe your device usage fingerprints.

WashAndGo Mobile for Android

The App Manager module makes it very easy to remove the apps installed on your Android device. The System Watcher module monitors your device and notifies you when you are running out of storage space, the CPU is under high load, there is cleanable app cache available, and shows you a general reminder for cleaning your phone regularly.

WashAndGo Mobile for Android

In the settings for WashAndGo Mobile, you can choose after how many days the files should be marked deletable (by default the files can be deleted after 7 days of their creation date). You can add apps to the ignore list, and toggle the display of notifications.

WashAndGo Mobile for Android

Conclusion: WashAndGo Mobile can help you keep your Android phone clean and running smoothly by deleting the trash, cleaning the app caches, and notify you when your device needs your attention.

You can download WashAndGo Mobile from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.abelssoft.washandgo.