Watch HD Youtube Videos Only on WiFi in Android

When I am enjoying Youtube videos at home or office, I really do not care much about the bandwidth being used as I have an unlimited broadband internet connection at both the places. Sometimes in some public places and businesses, you can also find such high speed WiFi access. But when you are not in a WiFi access area, your phone switched the 3G/4G LTE connections and this may cost you a great deal of money if you use heavy bandwidth consuming apps like Youtube. Fortunately, Youtube app in Android can be customized to stream HD videos only when you are using a WiFi network to access the internet.

You can follow these simple and easy steps to stream HD videos on Youtube only when you are on a WiFi connection:

  1. Open the Youtube app in Android, touch the the menu graphic that looks like three vertical dots and select Settings from the menu that popups.Youtube HD Vido on WiFi Only
  2. On the settings screen, it will show a number of different categories. Select the first category labeled General from this list.Youtube HD Vido on WiFi Only
  3. Select the option in the general settings that says Limit mobile data usage (place a check-mark against this option). This will limit streaming of the HD videos only when you are using a WiFi internet connection.Youtube HD Vido on WiFi Only
  4. Now you can close all the open screen by touching the back button on Android device a couple of times and you are done.

Conclusion: Youtube is world’s number one video streaming web site and we all spend hours watching all types of videos on it from funny videos to how-to videos. If you are worried that your mobile data provider will charge you a lot, then you can use the Youtube app options to limit HD videos only for WiFi connections easily.