GameRanger : Host & Play Online Games with Friends

I started my computing journey with an old discarded computer that ran Windows 2000 on a Pentium 3 processor and had 512 MB of RAM. This old computer had some of the old games like Doom, Blood 2, Unreal Tournament installed on it and having no prior experience with computer games I really enjoyed playing these games or rather game demos. Even now, when I have much more powerful computers and mobile devices, I still feel the nostalgia for playing that old classic Unreal Tournament for a couple of hours. The sad thing is that many of those old time games are no longer available on the internet – not even their demos. Some of the game producing companies have disappeared altogether from the internet.

This is where the GameRanger changes the game. It is a collection of all types of online games and their demos that you can enjoy with your friends. It has over six hundred classic games like Age of Empires and Call of Duty. But before you can play the games, you have to install GameRanger on your Windows PC.


The installation downloads a lot of more files to your PC before you can launch the main GameRanger interface. In the GameRanger window, you can see all the available games hosted by different people all over the world, name of the host, ping connectivity status for the host server, number of players, whether the server is online and whether the server required login password.


All you have to do is select one of the games hosted by someone that does not require login password and click on the Join button. It will soon launch that game and you will join the host server to enjoy playing the game. If you do not want to join the games hosted by other people, then you can host a game yourself too.

Conclusion: GameRanger is the answer to your prayers if you are looking for classic games from the forgotten era that produced games like Age of Empires and Call of Duty.

You can download GameRanger from