Access Android Apps Based on Your Mood with UR Mood Launcher

When going to the work, I shuffle through a huge array of apps that I have installed on my Android smartphone to find out TuneIn Radio so that I can listen to my favorite news radio stations. Similarly, coming back from work I am usually in the mood of some cool music and I have to find Google Play Music app. It turns out that we want to launch different apps at different times of the day based on our mood. Instead of going through all the apps installed on your smartphone, you can use the free UR Mood Launcher which shows the apps based on your mood.

UR Mood Launcher

UR Mood Launcher can display app shortcuts on the home screen for the apps that it seems useful when you are going to work, when you are driving your car, when you are working out in a gym or when you are on your regular morning walks and so on. The desired apps are right on the home screen and you can quickly access them when you need them. You can even set the mood from the home screen so that it displays the app shortcuts related to that mood. Not only that, but you can also add your own mood categories and customize them to add or remove apps in each of them.

UR Mood Launcher

With UR Mood Launcher installed, even the app drawer shows all the apps classified according to various categories – books, business, communication, education, media, music, unclassified, tools, photography, productivity, shopping and so on. You can customize UR Mood Launcher settings and choose whether you use different wallpapers for each mood,  use smart settings, change home screen backgrounds, change icon packs and more.

Verdict: UR Mood Launcher is not only a standard launcher that changes Android appearance, but it is also a smart launcher that can display the apps on the homescreen based on the mood of the day. This helps you quickly access the desired apps without having to run through the stack of all the apps installed on your smartphone.