Android Auto Connects Smartphones with Car Dashboard Head Units

The long awaited Android Auto project from Google has suddenly taken a long leap ahead. Google has finally released their first public version of the Android Auto app on the Google Play Store. What this app does is that it allows you to connect your Android smartphone with the dashboard head unit of your car. This app then passes the useful information from existing apps on your smartphone to the head unit. This way you can access Google Maps, Google Music, Weather, Messages, Whatsapp and other things right on the car’s dashboard in a very interactive manner. Google has made sure that drivers do not feel distracted while using Android Auto and still be able to control everything using just voice commands.

Android Auto

In order to use Android Auto, you must have a smartphone running on Android Lollipop. Earlier versions of Android are not supported. You can install the Android Auto app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store and connect it with a USB cable to your car’s head unit. Just like the smartphones, not all the head unit’s are supported. As of now, only some select head units manufactured by Pioneer are being supported. You can find Android Auto compatible Pioneer models at More manufacturers are expected to join the suit in the near future.

Android Auto

As soon as you pair the smartphone with your car’s head unit, your smartphone’s screen displays “android auto” and you can see everything on the car’s head unit display. You may have to enable “voice control” feature in Android Lollipop for controlling the various Android Auto features with your voice.

Conclusion: Android Auto can make Android devices completely inseparable for car owners. Using this simple app you can access all the useful features of your Android smartphone on the larger head unit screen of your car.

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