Check for Corrupted Audio Files with AudioTester

One of my friends sells her beautiful songs online over many of the well known platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon etc. But one of her customers recently complained about bad music files that play okay on headphones but some jitters could be heard when they played it on large music systems. In my attempt to help her, we found out about a free program called AudioTester that can analyze many different types of files and check them for errors of many different types. In our test collection of music files, almost 30% of the audio files turned out to have one or other problems.

AudioTester is a simple portable application and need not to be installed on your PC. You can just download and start using it right away. It offers a drag-n-drop interface through which you can drop audio files or folders containing music files on the AudioTester window. As soon as you drop the files or folders on the AudioTester window, it starts to analyze them and displays the results after going through all of the files.


As you can see in the screenshot, some of the files have a bad ID3 tag (ID3 tags are used to contain artist and song information for a particular music file), some of the files are truncated (the last few bytes in the audio file are missing or are corrupt) and some of the files have lost the sync at a certain playback time.

Although the AudioTester gives general idea and useful information about the bad or corrupted music files, yet it offers nothing else for repairing or fixing these files. You have to act on your own using your own audio files editing tools like Audacity. For example, you can easily fix the Bad ID3 tag errors by editing the ID3 tags and entering the correct information about a song.

Conclusion: AudioTester is a useful application for checking audio files for many different types of errors. This can prove to me very productive program for those who have to work with music files in their professional life.

You can download AudioTester program from

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