OS Cleaner Cleans Junk Off Windows PC

OS Cleaner is a free junk cleaning utility for Windows. While there are many such tools in that can help you get rid off garbage files from your PC like CCleaner and Clean Master, but they can be very intimidating for the average users. OS Cleaner on the other hand presents a very easy user interface that is both easy to understand and customize. OS Cleaner can be easily customized to suit your cleaning requirements and you can choose not only which disks to scan for, but also what type of files to target.

OS Cleaner, unlike other aforementioned tools (CCleaner and Clean Master to be specific), comes as a portable Windows program. You can just download it and start using it without having to install anything. Again, unlike other such tools, being a portable tool it does not pack any unwarranted software packs like toolbars or browser add-ons.

OS Cleaner

You can start using OS Cleaner as soon as its Window appears on the screen. It is pre-configured to scan the basic junk files sets from the C:\ drive. But you can customize it to scan files from other disk drives, choose file removal policies, junk file searching criteria, include or exclude specific folders in the search and more.

OS Cleaner

Once the file search is complete, it allows you to view the file properties of the junk files and open them with the default associated file program. All the files are listed with their filenames, file sizes and the location. You can select one or more files from the displayed list and click on the Clean Files button in the toolbar to get rid of them. By default, OS Cleaner creates a system restore point before deleting the files, so that if you accidentally remove an important file, you can always revert back using the Windows System Restore.

Conclusion: OS Cleaner is a simple, easy and effective junk file removal utility. It is both portable and highly customizable which gives much more flexibility of use to any typical Windows user.

You can download OS Cleaner from http://oscleaner.net/.