Create Sony Xperia Themes with Sony Theme Creator

When it comes to mobile devices from the Sony Xperia series, there is pretty much nothing that you can customize. All you can do is change the home screen wallpaper of the Xperia mobile phones and tablets. In order to change the other aspects of the Xperia user interface, you have to root the device but that voids your device warranty. But now Sony has released a new software Sony Theme Creator that can be used to fully customize the Sony Xperia interface by creating your own themes.

Using the Sony Theme Creator tool you can design high quality, professional looking themes for Xperia smart phones and tablets. You do not have to worry about the underlying coding when using this tool as it lets you fully focus on the theme design. This tool automatically builds a signed APK file that can be installed on an Android device.

Sony Theme Creator is a Java based application, so it runs in all the operating systems on which Java JRE is installed like Windows, Linux or Mac. As you launch the Sony Theme Creator tool, you are asked to either create a new project or open an existing project. You can choose to create a new project either with complete resources or existing resources. You should start with essential resources and later can refine the project using complete resources.

Sony Theme Creator

After choosing a project name and the saving location, you can start customizing the theme. You can edit and refine many different aspects of the themes, for example, the accent colors, backgrounds, status bar, navigation bar, controls, dialogs, lists, home screen and much more. For all the changes you make a live preview is shown in the right side of the Theme Creator tool.

Sony Theme Creator

Once you are satisfied, you can choose Build → Export Unsigned APK from the menubar to create the APK file that you can copy to your smart phone and side-load it from there. If you get access denied error when trying to install the APK, file then read – how to install APK files in Android.

Sony Theme Creator

Conclusion: Sony Theme Creator allows you to create and customize themes for the Sony Xperia smart phones and tablets. The tool is cross platform and can generate the APK files for the themes that you can easily install in your device.

You can download Sony Theme Creator from