Documents to Go is Free Office Suite for Android

Any average Android smart phone user has to deal with many different types of files on any given day. For example, I have to open Adobe Acrobat PDF files, Microsoft Word DOCX files, Microsoft Excel XLSX files and other Office documents. For all of these documents, you can either install many different apps to open all different file types, or you can use the Documents to Go office suite that can open, edit and save many different types of documents for you.

Documents to Go enables you to view Adobe Acrobat PDF files and view, edit and save all the Microsoft Office documents through the single interface. It supports older Microsoft Office documents (Office 97-2001) as well as the newer Office documents (Office 2007-2013). It works on all the latest versions of Android OS including Kitkat (4.4) and Lollipop (5.0).

Documents to Go for Android

In the Documents to Go interface, you can choose to open and view the Office or PDF files from your local storage (phone storage or SD card), cloud storage (Google Drive) or from your synchronized Desktop storage (files from your PC synced through Documents to Go for PC).

Any Office documents that you open can be edited too. Not only that, if you want to create a new document, then you can just touch the small plus button near the bottom-left corner and choose the document type that you want to create. You can create new Word documents, Excel sheets or Powerpoint presentations.

Documents to Go for Android

The PDF files can also be easily viewed but they cannot be edited. The Documents to Go uses fewer resources when opening PDF files compared to many other PDF viewer apps. Switching to different pages and zooming in or zooming out is also very smooth in the opened PDF files.

Documents to Go for Android

Conclusion: Documents to Go is a one stop solution for all of your MS Office documents and PDF files requirements. Through this office suite, you can view, edit, save and print all of these various document types.

You can download the Documents to Go app from