Enable Background Update Service in Firefox

Mozilla has been releasing one after another update of the Firefox browser these days. Sometimes it is a major version update and sometimes it is a minor update. With all these updates coming every now and then, it has become impossible to manually download and update the browser yourself. Now you have to give up and let Mozilla Firefox handle its own update cycle. This can be done easily by enabling automatic updates in Firefox browser. You can also go one step further and let Firefox handle everything by enabling the background update service.

The background update service in Firefox automatically installs downloaded updates without requiring any input or confirmation from the user. This way the Firefox updates can be completely and fully automated. What more can you ask in this busy life?

Here is how you can enable the background update service in Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox web browser in your PC. Press the Alt key once to make the menubar visible.
  2. From the Firefox menubar, select Tools → Options to open the Firefox Options window.Enable Background Updates in Firefox
  3. In the Firefox Options window, select the Advanced tab followed by the Update section.
  4. Select the options Automatically install updates option and Use a background service to install updates from this section.Enable Background Updates in Firefox
  5. Click OK button to save the settings. Now you do not have to worry about updating the Firefox browser – everything shall be handled by Firefox itself automatically.

Conclusion: Firefox allows you to completely automate the update process by enabling a background update service. You can enable this service easily and let Firefox handle its own updates in the future.