Enable Battery Saver in Android Lollipop

After updating my smartphone to the latest Android Lollipop operating system, I felt that the phone battery was depleting of the charge sooner than before. I may be wrong, but I think that Lollipop features consume the device battery sooner than the older KitKat version of Android. Not only that but Android Lollipop powered device charges a tad slower than the KitKat. It could be because of so many reasons and perhaps this is why they have decided to include a battery saver feature inside the Lollipop settings. You can enable this battery saver feature to save the battery charge and make it last much longer.

If you want to make the battery last longer in your Android Lollipop powered device, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Android settings and touch on the Battery option under the Device section. This will show you a graph of battery usage statistics along with the apps that have consumed the battery the most.Battery Saver Android Lollipop
  2. Touch the menu button at the bottom of your Android screen. You will see a small menu labeled Battery Saver (it can appear anywhere on the screen). Touch on this Battery Saver menu to open battery saver related settings.
  3. Touch on the flip button to turn on the Battery Saver feature. This will immediately reduce the screen brightness and turn the notification bar into orange color. You will be able to see a special battery-plus icon in the notification area.Battery Saver Android Lollipop

Conclusion: Battery Saver mode allows you to use the battery for longer periods of times by reducing the power consuming features of the Lollipop – screen brightness, vibrations, background data transfer, update checks and so on. This mode is automatically turned off when you connect your smartphone with a USB data cable to your PC or to  a travel charger.


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