Enable Multi-User Support in Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop has come up with multi-user support through which you can have multiple user accounts on any Android device along with a guest user account that has limited access to various features. While this is a really interesting and useful feature, it is not available in many of the Lollipop based smartphones simply because the manufacturer did not want to make this feature available to the customers. If you could not find the multi user support in your Android Lollipop device then you can make a little change in the system files to enable it. Here is how:

  1. First of all you should have a rooted device. You can use Kingo Root to root any Android device easily, if your device is not already rooted.
  2. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store. This is necessary for making changes to the system files.
  3. In the ES File Explorer, open menu and select Root Explorer. This is required to make changes to the system files.
  4. In the ES File Explorer, open the folder /device/system/ and locate the file build.prop. Touch on the file build.prop and select ES Note Editor to open this file.Enable Multiuser Support in Lolipop
  5. In the ES Note Editor app, switch to the Edit mode by selecting Edit from the menu.
  6. Go to the very bottom of the build.prop file and type the following :
    #Multiuser support

    Enable Multiuser Support in Lolipop

  7. Save the build.prop file and restart your Android device. You should see the new Users option in the Android setting screen and should be able to switch to the guest account from the notification bar.

Conclusion: Multi-user support is a new feature in Android Lollipop and you can enable it easily by making a few changes in the build.prop file. This method works in almost all of the Android devices unless the manufacturer has taken serious steps to remove this feature.