Protect Sensitive Files in Android Lollipop with Data Protection

Android Lollipop, the new version of the popular mobile operating system, has come up with many enhanced security and encryption features. It enforces encryption of the user data by default (this is why it takes a long time on the first boot) and also offers you to protect your sensitive files using a feature called Data Protection. With this feature you can choose any of the files either from the internal storage of your device or from the external SD card in order to encrypt and protect them. It is more of an encrypted vault for your sensitive files built right inside the Android Lollipop.

The Data Protection feature may not be available in all the Android Lollipop smartphones as some of the manufacturers customize the AOSP ROM and add or remove some of the features. But if your device has this feature then in order to protect your files with the Data Protection, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. On the home screen, touch the menu button (near the lower-left corner of the screen) and then select Settings to open Android Settings.
  2. On the Android settings screen, choose Security from under the Personal category.
  3. On the Security settings screen, scroll down and select Data Protection from under the Device Administration category. You will have to set a pattern lock so that nobody else can access the protected files.Data Protection in Android Lollipop
  4. Touch the plus (+) icon on the top to add new files for protection. Browse your internal or external SD cards, touch on the small pencil icon on the top, select one or more files and then touch the lock icon.
  5. Now you should be able to see all the protected files in the Data Protection vault categorized under various categories like Pictures, Audios, Videos, and Others.Data Protection in Android Lollipop

Conclusion: Android Lollipop offers data protection features to ensure that nobody else can access your sensitive or personal files. Through the Data Protection feature you can encrypt any files you want and keep them secured inside a virtual vault.


  1. I have done factory reset my android 5.1 mobile but data can not opening nor unlocking previous file now. and also I did not take back up of mobile. what is the other way to recover on this issue?

  2. I have tried many times so my original pattern is also not working please help mee.

  3. i was using a samsung A7 running on android 5.1
    and i locked some files of mine via the data protection in the security settings
    but now that the phone is damaged
    i inserted the sd card in my samsung galaxy s4
    and i don’t know how to view my files again.

    1. but my issue is different what first did encrypted mobile and after some years did factory reset my android mobile but previous file not looking/unlocking now.

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