Enable On-Demand Passwords in Yahoo Account

It seems like something out of a science fiction movie set in a distant Utopian future, but Yahoo has done it – they have ditched the need to memorize the passwords for good. Yahoo has introduced a new feature called “on-demand passwords” which not only actually sounds very good on the ears but also literally does exactly that  – using this feature you can demand the passwords from Yahoo! whenever you need it. All you need is a registered mobile number on which Yahoo will send the passwords as and when you want them. As of now, the “on-demand passwords” feature is available only for the US residents, but soon it will be available for everyone in the world (I hope).

If you want to enable the new On-Demand Passwords feature in your Yahoo! account, then you can follow these simple steps (of course, you would need a working mobile number for this to work) :

  1. Open your Yahoo account page by visiting https://account.yahoo.com/ in your web browser. You may have to enter your Yahoo credentials once again even if you are already logged in.
  2. Select the Account security section from the left side menu bar. You will see a new section for On-demand passwords on the right side. Click on Get started link under this section.Yahoo On-demand Passwords
  3. You will be shown a brief summary about the On-demand passwords – what they are and how you would be using them. Read the information and then click on Set up on-demand passwords.Yahoo On-demand Passwords
  4. Then you will have to enter your mobile number on which you want to receive the passwords. After you have verified the mobile number, you are all set to use the new On-demand passwords feature.Yahoo On-demand Passwords
  5. Now you can log out of the Yahoo account and try out the On-demand passwords feature to login back into your Yahoo account.

Conclusion: On-demand passwords feature offered by Yahoo is going to be really welcome by everyone as it relives us from the tension of memorizing the passwords. And setting up the on-demand passwords feature is pretty easy too.