Check if Android Antivirus is Working with Zoner Antivirus Test

The very first thing that I do when I get a new Android smartphone is install a good antivirus solution on it. This ensures that any apps that I am going to install pass through security check of the antivirus app installed in Android and prevent any malicious apps before they can do any damage to the smartphone and the data stored on it. But sometimes due to some unforeseen reasons, the antivirus apps do not get installed properly and you stay unprotected without even realizing the risk. The only way you can make sure that an installed antivirus product is working is by performing an EICAR test. On the Windows PC, we have developed the Antivirus Test Tool and on the Android devices you can use the free Zoner Antivirus Test.

Zoner Antivirus Test

The Zoner Antivirus Test tool basically creates EICAR test virus which is harmless but can make the installed antivirus products leap into action. If your antivirus solution in Android is not working for some reason, then you will not see anything on the screen. But if your antivirus app is working properly, then it will detect the EICAR virus as soon as the Zoner Antivirus Test tool is installed.

On my Android KitKat smartphone, the avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus app caught the Zoner Antivirus Test in a fraction of a second. On my another smartphone also running Android KitKat the Bitdefender Antivirus app caught the Test tool even faster. Both antivirus solutions gave the options to remove the installed Zoner Antivirus Test app – proving that they are working as expected.

Zoner Antivirus Test

Conclusion: If you are having any doubts that your installed antivirus solution on your Android device may not be working, then you can use the free Zoner Antivirus Test tool to check the installed antivirus product.

You can download and install Zoner Antivirus Test app from