How to Factory Reset Android Lollipop and Disable Encryption

When you upgrade your Android Kitkat based smartphone to the latest version of Android Lollipop, it takes a long time (around 15 minutes) as the device gets encrypted first and then you shows you the famous Android welcome screen. The encryption is a great feature of the Lollipop to protect your user data from being misused by a potential hacker. But what if you do not want the device storage to be encrypted? Well, Lollipop gives you complete control over the encryption feature and allows you to turn off the encryption. But not all Lollipop firmware have the straightforward way of disabling the encryption. For example, in my Doogee Titans smartphone, there is no encryption setting available. But I learned quickly how to disable the disk encryption by resetting the Android Lollipop to its factory state. This way your phone goes back into non-encrypted mode.

Here is how you can perform a Factory Reset in your Android Lollipop smartphone:

  1. Open the Android settings by touching the menu button when you are on the home-screen and selecting Settings or Android Settings.
  2. On the settings screen scroll down and select Backup & Reset option from under the Personal category.Android Lollipop Factory Reset
  3. Choose Factory data reset option on the screen that appears. You will be informed about what items shall be wiped during this process. In order to proceed touch the Reset Phone followed by the Erase Everything button.Android Lollipop Factory Reset
  4. Wait for about 5 minutes during which the user storage section in your phone is completely erased and soon after this you will see the famous Android welcome screen.

Conclusion: Although it seems to be an extreme step, but if you really want to turn off user data encryption in your Android Lollipop device then you can just perform a factory data reset and turn off the encryption.

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  1. but previous data not looking and unlocking which file has protected using data protection feature. what is the step to fix previous file?
    please help me.

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