CinemaDrape : Hide Distractions on PC Screen

When watching videos online or reading those addictive Wikipedia articles, sometimes the little notifications in the Windows system tray keep annoying and disturbing us. It seems that on a Windows PC, one cannot even watch a movie without getting distracted by these small messages popping every now and then. Perhaps this is why the free software CinemaDrape has bee created. CinemaDrape is a tool that can hide the portion of screen that you do not want to look at, helping you to concentrate only on a particular video, window, or site on your screen.

CinemaDrape can be toggled on or off using the hotkey Ctrl+F11 anytime you want. Once enabled, you can select a rectangular area on the screen that would be visible and everything shall be hidden either by darkness or by a color of your choice. The rectangular visible area can be resized and moved to suit your requirements.


You can right-click on the screen to view the CinemaDrape context-menu from which you can select various options, like the background screen color (can be specific color,  a random color or black), the screen opacity, choose one or more areas that you want to make visible, load and save various layouts and more.

You can also access the CinemaDrape settings through this context-menu. In the settings for CinemaDrape, you can basically choose the hotkey for toggling CinemaDrape on or off, choose a peek through opacity and choose the option to restore the pre-selected visible area upon CinemaDrape restart.


Conclusion: CinemaDrape can be very useful when you do not want to be distracted by some of the unwanted elements on your screen and just want to watch the movies or work on a particular potion of a window.

You can download the CinemaDrape from