iMeme : Create Your Own Memes for Social Networks

Meme is an idea, behavior, style or thought that is passed from one person to another within a cultural society. Taking an example from the successful sitcom Seinfeld, people see Elaine’s boss Mr Pitt eating his Snickers bar with the help of a knife and a fork. Soon the idea spreads and many people in the city starts eating Snickers this way. In this case, eating of Snickers with knife and fork becomes a meme. Now in the internet age, people try to spread memes on social networks using eye catching images with text messages written on them in bold letters. Although you can create such social network memes using any image editor, the freeware iMeme program makes creating your own memes much easier.

The iMeme program is available both for Windows and Mac operating systems. It is very easy to use program and provides you a simple way of creating impressive looking memes. In the iMeme program interface you can see a list of available pictures that you can use for your memes. You have to select one of these pictures and it would appear in the picture box. Then you can start typing the text lines – one line for the top and one for the bottom of the picture. You can configure the alignment (left, center or right) and the size of the text.


iMeme comes with more than a hundred pictures suitable for memes of all types. However if you do not find a picture that you like to work with, then you can put your own pictures in the images sub-folder of the iMeme program folder and relaunch the program. All the pictures that you add for memes should be in the JPEG file format.

As soon as you begin to type the text lines, the live preview of the memes are shown as they would appear in the final picture. If you are happy with your work, then you can save the meme by clicking on the save button in the toolbar. Now you can share the memes on your social media and feel proud of your own memes containing your own thoughts.

Verdict: iMeme provides you with a very simple way of creating eye catching memes that can really put new life in your social media life. If your friends ignore your posts on Facebook or Twitter, you can use iMeme to make your posts more attractive and seek people’s attention.

You can download iMeme from