How to Disable NFC in Android Smartphones

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a relatively newer technology that allows one Android device to connect and exchange data with another device close to it. For the data exchange to occur, both of the devices must have NFC enabled and their NFC transceivers should be in very close vicinity. Typically, you have to put the screen of one device on that of another for the NFC to work. NFC can be used to share pictures, musi, contacts and other files easily between two devices without having to go through the trouble of attaching cables or configuring WiFi.

Though NFC seems like an easy way of transferring files between two Android devices, but if you do not really use it, then its just wasting your battery power. Besides NFC has been shown to be easily exploitable in the past by more than one researchers. So if you are not going to use it, it is better to just turn it off.

In order to disable or turn off the NFC feature in your Android smart phone, you have to first open the Android settings. This can be done easily by touching the menu button on the Android home screen and selecting Settings or Android Settings from the menu that appears.

Disable NFC in Android

On the Settings screen, you have to touch More… under the Wireless & Networks section. The next screen will show you all the options available for wireless features like WiFi or NFC. You can simply un-check the option labeled NFC to turn off NFC in your Android. At any later stage, if you want to enable it once again, then you can check the NFC option once again.

Conclusion: NFC can be easily turned off or on in any Android device that comes with this technology. If you do not really use NFC, then you should turn off NFC in Android as keeping it enable will only drain your phone’s battery faster.