Increase On-Screen Text Size in Android Lollipop

Most of the people who have started to use Android Lollipop on their smartphones are those who have upgraded their older Android KitKat phones to the latest Lollipop firmware. But since manufacturers are quickly pumping out Lollipop upgrades for their older smartphone models, some of these Lollipop upgrades are coming with tiny problems here and there. For example, my old DooGee mobile got upgraded to Lollipop but the screen text size is now smaller than what it was in the KitKat. It is now a pain to read news stories on various websites. Fortunately, there is a quick way to increase the on-screen text size in Android Lollipop.

Here is how you can quickly increase the on-screen text size in the latest Lollipop version of Android OS:

  1. On the home screen, touch the menu button (near the lower-left corner of the screen) and then select Settings to open Android Settings.
  2. On the Android settings screen, choose Display from under the Device category.Font Size Android Lollipop
  3. In order to increase the on-screen text size, you have to alter the font size of the Android. For this you have to select Font Size from the options.
  4. You will be shown four different sizes to choose from – small, normal, large and extra larger. For making the text size large, choose either large or extra large. You will see the changes take place immediately.Font Size Android Lollipop

This will increase the on-screen text size in Android Lollipop but some of the apps may not respect this setting. In addition, the websites opened inside any browser will follow their own rules when it comes to the text size.

Conclusion: Increasing the text size in Android Lollipop is very easy and gives you large, clear and easy to read user interface in your smartphone. You can increase the font size to either large or extra large as per your requirements.